Thursday, November 22, 2007

Korean Traditional Porridge (본죽 - Bokjuk), Incheon - South Korea

We saw the Bokjuk restaurants for so many times actually. It can be found like almost everywhere (at least) in this city. But last Saturday was the first time we tried it, this time the one nearby Lotte Mart. It took about 20 minutes walking from our apartment in a very cold weather, but it worthed!

It was lunch time so the restaurant was pretty crowded. The menu list was in three languages: Korean, English and Japanese so we didn't get any difficulty to decide which one to choose. Toooo bad I forgot to take picture so I couldn't remember the Korean name of porridge we ordered. I had porridge with mushroom and oyster while Hiro had porridge with abalone.

The porridge came in a large bowl with Korean chili paste, kimchi, and braised pork (maybe) in soy sauce as side dishes. The porridge itself had kind of grated nuts and seaweed as topping. It did smell good and I felt starving in a second.
My porridge was really tasty, with rich amount of mushrooms and oysters. The Kimchi was fresh, and for me the pork was really a perfect match for the porridge (I even finished Hiro's). Hiro's porridge was also very delicious but the abalone was cut into tiny pieces, perhaps because abalone is not as cheap as oyster.

My porridge was 8000 won, and Hiro's porridge was 10,000 won. Bit pricey compared to other Korean food we've had, but I really like it that I'm so sure I'll eat it again sometime soon.

This porridge is now on my "Korean Top Food" list. Too bad we only have about 4 weeks left living here, but I hope at least we could have 3 times porridge lunches (we only dine out on Saturday)

PS: sorry pake bahasa Inggris. Postingan ini sama persis dengan blog pribadi saya. Gak ada waktu buat translate ke Indonesian :p

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